Why Business Blueprint is Important for Startup Business?

Starting a business should make a Business Blueprint rather than a Business Plan

Mr. Kim Norith: Starting a business should make a Business Blueprint rather than a Business Plan. Identify business opportunities you might not have regarded and program how specifically to take benefit of them. Analyze the market and competitors to strengthen your idea. Offer you a chance to plan approaches for coping with potential problems therefore they don’t really derail your startup. In a Business Blueprint for business startup, you create a business structure where relevant business scenarios, business functions and process measures are organized in a hierarchical structure. The BUSINESS BLUEPRINT is an in depth explanation of your business procedures and program requirements.

Co-founder of The Desk Coworking Space, Mr. Kim Narith, said that those who have the idea to start a small business that needs capital from friends, relatives, family or ordinary investors, not large investors, you should plan As a Business Blueprint, instead of spending time sitting down to make a multi-page business plan.

Mr. Kim Norith founder of the desk co-working space in Cambodia

Mr. Kim Norith founder of the desk co-working space in Cambodia

The co-founder stated that although the Business Blueprint and Business Plan are all business plans, it takes less than three to five pages to create a Business Blueprint, which is a master plan that outlines both processes. Business bases such as descriptions of business activities, customer identification, daily operational goals, structure and division of roles, estimates of financial plans for the first year of business operations, and sources of revenue that you can find to support business operations.

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Doing Business Blueprint can also be a good point for making a presentation to those who want to invest with us, because at this stage, what investors want to know most is the number of times they have to invest their time. Can get back the investment and the expected monthly profit.

As for the Business Plan, it is a detailed business plan for 3 to 5 years, which can range from 15 pages depending on the actual size of the business, and you should do it when the business is growing from small to medium, medium to large and need to raise a large amount of additional capital to expand the business growth to a more standard or for entry into the stock market.

Mr. Kim Narith also stated that from his own experience, he had given up some businesses due to spending too much time on writing a business plan, writing more and more problems, making him think that it is impossible to achieve, discard it immediately. But obviously, when he turned to planning as a Business Blueprint, he was able to start a business step by step, work step by step, and can expand the business to grow and can get good results.

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