Who is Tycoon Ly Hour? His Keys Business Strategy

Who is Tycoon Ly Hour

He used his life’s formula and what kind of tactics to do his business successfully from business to business to becoming a great businessman, tycoon who runs seven companies today.

In terms of the history of tycoon (Oknha) Ly Hour, maybe many people think he is the only wealthy child left by his parents from the US and France and has just made a lot of money to date.

In fact, Oknha Ly Hour described his life and business as a poor peasant who was originally living in Tran commune, Kampong Siam district, Kampong Cham province.

Orphaned from the age of nine. His family life was a candle seller. And because of poverty, he dropped out of school.

Passing in the fire of the Pol Pot regime for many years, he suffered the same suffering to millions of other Khmer citizens. Because of that generation, he was 18 years old, a young man with a very important duty to defend the nation as a special force on the battlefield. He never lived in a family reunion.

First business ideas

Already out of the infamous prison in the time of Pol Pot, 1979 to 1980, Oknha Ly Hour was a farmer, raising a pig. As of 1982, Oknha Ly Hour had begun to transform life from a farmer into a cactus, trading a calf after he had spent about two gallons of capital from a pig’s sale when he was a farmer. That same year, he had a bicycle to carry sugar

His wife was a fish dealer in the Kampong Cham provincial market. On the other hand, Oknha Ly Hour’s life and occupation varied every year with growing capital, he decided to start a cross-border business once. This time it may have to sacrifice a higher life time to achieve the goal

He also went to trade in fabric (called Canadian Fabric), Sarong and seasoning from Thailand for sale in Cambodia. Over the years, with tens of thousands of obstacles, the chapter combined with his hard work, his intelligence and talent has always made his business a success

By 1985, thicker wealth capital was left on the trade of sarong, seasoning, and long-time wives, seeing the opportunity for gold trading, he and his wife began the gold trading business. Until the big money exchange in Phnom Penh is full of customers, he recognizes his accomplishments and reputation to date.

Not all things are a coincidence, or wait for the lucky angel to help Tycoon Ly Hour and his wife become millionaires or tycoons, he and his wife struggle to overcome any obstacles, night and day, not to spend time in order to achieve their goals in this bright life today.

Over the past 30 years, Oknha Ly Hour has been regarded by many as a well-known Khmer businessman with great success in the business. As a model person for young entrepreneurs, the next generation should learn and follow. And individuals who are highly motivated to achieve successful goals in business

Oknha Ly Hour’s Keys Business Strategies

Life formulas and strategies to make his business successful from business to business to business? Oknha Ly Hour has always had a clear principle of self-promotion, but he has a family-level business that has not yet been opened as a company. He says that doing everything is as transparent as buying is a bargain that needs to be transparent

If they buy one for sure, buy two for two, if they buy one kilo for just nine and a half, this is not transparent. We do business with fair equality with clients, not scams or excessive profits. If I sell a cloth, know only about all, I sell all the gold, and the silver

We impose strict penalties on employees, take money, have a company, steal money, the company must be guilty. Standing on this principle, which confuses clients, the public is rated as leaving and trading in Lahore, not afraid to lose him. Our practice must be transparent to our customers, we must stand on three points of view: to be friendly, to the second customer, to be thorough, and to exploit. All these principles and to trust our formula today. And all things we cannot do is done

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