Report 2021: Understanding How Young Cambodians Use Media and Information In Cambodia

Understanding how young Cambodians Use Media and Information

BBC Media Action with the fund supported from Sweden Government conduct a research study to find out on Understanding How Young Cambodians Use Media and Information with young people age from 15-30 years old in 2021. Young Cambodians’ Media Consumption Access to and use of digital media continues to grow and attract young people in Cambodia:

Social media is the most popular form of media, consumed by 87% of 15–30-year-old Cambodians. Nevertheless, traditional mass media (television and radio) remain important, particularly for more vulnerable groups. For example, TV usage is higher amongst women, those from rural locations, and those from lower socio-economic groups.

Whilst the vast majority of young Cambodians now go online in some form (using websites, social media or online messaging services) and use smartphones, there is still some disparity between demographics – usage is higher amongst men, those from urban areas and higher socio-economic groups

Key Recommendations for Communication

  1. Ensure content is relevant to the audience: Content should not consider young people in Cambodia as one homogenous group. They represent a wide range of differences – in age, situation, life stage, and values – and content should be tailored appropriately – thinking about the best platform, format, length, style – to ensure it is relevant to the audience it is targeting.

  2. A multiplatform approach is recommended to widen reach, using traditional media and outreach as well as digital to ensure more vulnerable groups are included.

  3. Content which is easy to navigate is recommended for those with lower digital literacy.

  4. Provide practical information to build young people’s skills and confidence. A lack of information or a lack of knowledge about where to find information can limit young people’s ability to engage with issues that matter to them.

  5. Provide safe spaces to encourage young people to access and discuss information on topics which matter to them and enable them to build and establish networks with peers.

  6. Communication should also target parents and care givers who are key role models and influencers for young people. Equipping these groups with the knowledge and information to provide effective advice can enable them to provide further support to young people.

  7. Work with media practitioners to further understand young people’s needs and fill gaps in content. This may help to improve the content offer to young people, making it more relevant and accessible.

For details information, check here: Understanding How Young Cambodians Use Media and Information

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