Udong district is the core location of real estate development of Kampong Speu province

Udong district is the core location of real estate development of Kampong Speu province

Real estate experts say that Oudong district is an important investment location in Kampong Speu province for the development of various types of real estate, such as housing estates, plots, especially the establishment of small and large enterprises. This is according to real estate experts.

Mr. Chrek Soknim, President of the ASEAN Association of Appraisers and President of the Association of Appraisers and Real Estate Agents of Cambodia, told Propertyareaasia in an interview on November 24 that Kampong Speu is a destination for urban development. And is expanding its potential for development in the real estate sector by providing opportunities for local people.

“The government has started implementing a project to expand the industrial zone to Kampong Speu province, especially along National Road 44 in Udong district,” he said. “This is an area that will be developed into an industrial zone in the future.”

At the same time, President of the Global Real Estate Association, Mr. Sam Sok Noeun, said that the real estate sector in Kampong Speu has become more attractive in the last two years, with investment projects, factories, enterprises and many new homes built there. As a province with high potential in the real estate sector, as more and more investors are now flocking to build houses or subdivide plots of land for sale.

Meanwhile, the Governor of Kampong Speu Province, Mr. Vy Samnang, said that investors are interested in investing in many locations in Kampong Speu, especially the most interesting locations are along National Road 44, National Road 51 and National Road 41. It is a national road with great potential for investment and good economy.

“For Kampong Speu, there is no slowdown in real estate development, attracting many real estate investment projects from developers,” he said.

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