Tourism Industry in Cambodia Is Heavily Impacted By Covid19 Virus

Tourism Industry in Cambodia Is Heavily Impacted By Covid19 Virus, Cambodia Time
Tourism Industry in Cambodia Is Heavily Impacted By Covid19 Virus, Cambodia Time

Approximately 1.15 million international tourists visited Cambodia in the first quarter of 2020, a drop of nearly 40, according to the Ministry of Tourism. That compares with the same period in 2019 as March was when the number of foreign tourists dropped. According to the Ministry of Tourism.

Data from the Ministry of Tourism, obtained by the Post, shows that in the first three months of the year, Cambodia received a total of 1155,226 foreign tourists. Those are down 38.5% from the same period of 2019, at 1,877,853. Of the total, 663,641 were air travelers, down 48.9 percent, while land and water travelers were 491. 585, down 15.1 percent.

The number of Chinese visitors was 259,732, down 62 percent, while Vietnamese visitors were 179,450, down 4 percent, according to the data. There were 152,654 Thai tourists, up 55.9 percent, US visitors were 52,979, down 33 percent, and 51,651 Korean visitors, down 46 percent.

For March, data showed 223,400 foreign tourists, down 64.7 percent, compared to 633,164 in March 2019.

Ministry of Tourism spokesman Sopheak told the Post on Tuesday that the only reason for the decline was the number of foreign tourists visiting Cambodia. It’s because of the spread of the disease 19 because the outbreak has scared people and the authorities of each country It also restricted travel to prevent the spread of cholera 19.

“This is a global crisis that is happening in every country in the world, so I am not convinced that tourism exists Cambodia will be in the second trimester, so we have to wait and see the development of the disease 19,” he said.

However, Mr. Sopheak asserted that during the outbreak of the disease 19, the Ministry of Tourism also worked hard to develop strategies and disseminate targets. New tours to the world to get to know Cambodia more.

Chhay Sivlin, president of the Cambodia Association of Travel Agents, said the outbreak of Covid19 had brought down tourism in Cambodia. Especially since the beginning of March 2020, no tourists booked at all and booked guests canceled. Cancel their tour too.

“Tourism is now completely dead and is forcing people in this sector to take up new occupations. ».

She says the turnaround of tourism experts at the moment may make the sector difficult as the outbreak of Kov 19 Complete. “The challenge of a lack of expertise in the sector may increase as tourism improves,” she said ».

In 2019, Cambodia received $ 4.91 million in international tourism revenue, up 12.4 percent from the year before. $ 4.37 million. In 2018, international tourism revenue grew by 20.3% compared to 2017. Tourism revenue contributed about 12.1 percent in GDP.


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