Tips and Tricks: Borey Pipop Thmey attracts customers to buy their houses even at night

Borey Pipop Thmey, Cambodia Time
Borey Pipop Thmey, Cambodia Time

If you are talking about the owner of a medium or low-cost housing project, you are reminded of Borey Piphop Thmey, where almost all the housing projects are pre-booked by customers, even if the project is not 100% completed.

At this point, not all Borey or residential owners in Cambodia can do it, because customers do not always trust and dare to pay tens of thousands of dollars to get a house that has not yet appeared. Here are the special features of Borey Pi Phop Thmey that make customers dare to spend tens of thousands of dollars and decide to buy with the highest confidence.

The project is located in a new development area with adequate infrastructure, markets, schools, government ministries to make it easier for buyers. In addition, this new development area makes the house that customers buy faster and easier to resell if desired. In addition, profitable investors are also a good opportunity because of the affordable price and the high level of profit due to the new area.

Regarding the real estate market, it is suitable for Cambodian housing market by capturing middle and lower middle-income customers, because in Cambodia, this level of housing is having a high market demand and, in the future, there will still be a large market.

While the payment terms and processes are easier, this leads to boost sales because most customers cannot afford to buy in cash, requiring installments or installments. At this point, Borey Piphop Thmey issued a plan to pay in installments without a deposit, so that those who do not have enough money can have the opportunity to have a house the like.

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