The growth of Singaporean investors in Cambodia on construction sector

The growth of Singaporean investors in Cambodian on construction sector

The Vice President of the Cambodian Chamber of Commerce saw that Singaporean investors have been developing in the construction sector in Cambodia, especially in the condominium and construction sectors.

Tycoon Lim Heng, vice president of the Cambodian Chamber of Commerce, told that Singaporean investors had previously been told The Cambodian Chamber of Commerce says Cambodia is the fourth country in terms of its investment destination in ASEAN.

However, the tycoon stated, “Currently, Singaporean investors have been building many condominium projects in Cambodia. “Apart from this, there is a lot of investment in import and export (logistics).”

The tycoon added that in the past, Singaporean investors have also brought in their celebrities as goodwill ambassadors to promote condominium projects. In Cambodia as well.

“Singaporean investors are still looking at Cambodia as their investment destination because Singapore and Cambodia are not far away,” he added. Travel by air takes about two and a half hours to reach the destination.

The tycoon also stated that Cambodia has land for Singaporean investors to invest in agricultural products for export to their country.

Michael Tan Keng Siong, Ambassador of the Republic of Singapore to Cambodia, in a recent meeting with Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Chea Sophara, Minister of Public Works and Transport, said that Singaporean investors will continue to invest more in Cambodia in the post-Kovid 19 construction sector.

“After the global epidemic of Covid-19 has eased, the Singapore Embassy is confident that more Singaporean investors will do so,” he said. “Travel to Cambodia to look for investment opportunities, especially in the field of housing and real estate.”

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