SMEs contribute about 70% of employment to Cambodians

SMEs contribute about 70% of employment to Cambodians
SMEs contribute about 70% of employment to Cambodians

Cambodian Chamber of Commerce: SMEs contribute about 70% of employment to Cambodians

The Cambodian Chamber of Commerce claims that through small and medium enterprises that are fragile and facing the effects of the economic crisis when contributing significantly to the employment of about 70% of the people, especially vulnerable people.

Oknha Nguon Meng Tech, Director General of the Cambodian Chamber of Commerce, said on November 25, 2020 that until now, Covid-19 disease has caused the global economy to decline sharply and business and business activities. Many are closed and are still at risk.

Among them, small and medium enterprises are the most affected type of business.

“In order to boost the national economy as well as the global economy to return to normal in the new direction, it is necessary to provide support and attention, especially to small and medium enterprises,” he said. Small and medium-sized enterprises are an important driving force for economic and social development. For Cambodia, small and medium enterprises contribute about 70% of the employment of the people.

At the same time, Tycoon Nguon Meng Tech urged all entrepreneurs to be strategically prepared to strengthen their competitive post-Covid-19 crisis by providing new and targeted ideas focusing on key topics, including: Production line management, increasing competitiveness, incentives, customs and logistics systems. It also shares how to calculate and identify highly competitive products in international markets, including how to use the International Trade Center’s Trademaps website.

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