Tourism of Ratanakiri

Ratanakiri is a province situated in the northeast area of
Cambodia. It really is a diverse area loaded in nature and houses remote tribal communities including Jarai, Tompuon, Brau, and Kreung. It really is known because of its unique terrain, that was suffering from the active volcano at
Yeak Laom lake, which includes led to the fertile soil.

Travellers visit this off the beat province to explore the wildlife sanctuaries, waterfalls, and wildlife thriving in the deep lush jungles. It really is a province worth exploring for tourists looking for a few adventures and nature.

Ratanakiri was declared as a province of the Kingdom of Cambodia in 1960 under King Norodom
Sihanouk’s rule. Banlung may be the capital city of the province. The initial inhabitants of the area are highland Khmer Loeu people, who’ve been living here because of the 4th century.

The folks of this community were traded off for
slave labor through the 19th century. The problem turned worse through the
Khmer Rouge period, who established their presence in Ratanakiri province, thus
signaling mass destruction of natural resources along with

Places to Visit in Ratanakiri

Yeak Laom Volcanic Lake – It really is a 700,000-year-old volcanic crater occupying a 4,000-year-old volcanic crater.
This beautiful lake surrounded by lush green forests with clear turquoise water running 48-meters deep may be the top attraction for tourists visiting Banlung. The encompassing forests are house to numerous wild birds that flock over the lake. It really is regarded as a sacred lake by the neighborhood hill tribes offering prayers and conduct ceremonies every once in a while here. There are options to hike around the lake on a marked trail. Travellers may also camp,
swim and picnic near to the lake.

Waterfalls – Balung is well-known for all the waterfalls. The most visited of these all could be Ka Tieng Waterfall,
located about 7km from the city centre, surrounded by thick jungles. Ka Tieng got its name from the Kreung hill tribe living not far from. This waterfall would work for swimming and enjoying small hikes. Cha Ong is certainly another waterfall known due to the big rock behind the waters. Kan Changis, Ou’Sean Lair and
Ou’Sensranoh would be the other waterfalls worth visiting.

Lumphat Wildlife Sanctuary – Lumphat Wildlife Sanctuary is a famous park known for rare wildlife including tigers, elephants and rare birds. Located about 37 km from Banlung, this ecotourism centre also showcases life in remote tribal

Veal Rum Plan (stone field) – Veal Rum Plan or famously known as the Stone Field is one of the main attractions in Ratanakiri located about 14 km from Banlung. It truly is an open space comprising plenty of stones of assorted shapes and sizes surrounded by dense forests. The foundation of these stones aren’t known precisely, however they are regarded to be remains of
molten lava formed over many centuries.

Norng Kabat Forest – Located about 23 km from Banlung, it really is a favorite place for tourists to view birds and animals. Also, there are ethnic villages available to travelers, where they are able to get to learn about tribal culture and life.

Virachey National Park – A protected park offering jungle treks, it really is known for the vibrant ecosystem and

Wat Rahtanharahm – A huge reclining Buddha with a magnificent view of the encompassing Cambodian countryside. It really is situated in the Eisey Patamak Mountain in Ratanakiri, which is well known because of its natural

Daily Budget for Ratanakiri

Your budget depends very much on your own design of travelling. If you’re comfortable in very easy accommodation, eating street food, not drinking an excessive amount of alcohol, travelling using cheap transport and steering free from heavily touristed (therefore more costly) destinations, you may survive on around US$15 per day-more on the Hawaiian islands and perhaps a few dollars less if you’re especially frugal and travelling as a couple.

Most independent budget travellers though have a tendency to spend even more. That air-con room is certainly tempting, as may be the pool and WiFi, latte and occasional VIP bus or short domestic flight. Each one of these conspires to push daily budgets up to around a far more comfortable US$20-$30 each day.

If your tastes veer more towards the luxurious, then Cambodia does offer terrific value – especially in the accommodation stakes, with lovely and tasteful offerings in the US$50-$150 per night mark scattered across the country. Food and entertainment costs can rise accordingly. Likewise, you may also spend north of a thousand dollars per day
for truly luxurious settings-think private pool villas, butlers and so on-flying everywhere and fine dining the whole way along.

Food in Ratanakiri

Eating in Banlung is better than you might expect, though many choose to move no more than their guesthouse for meals. In the dry season, most meals have a complimentary serving of red dust.

Cafe Alee: Street 78a (just up the road from Tree Top), Banlung; T: (089) 473 767.
Sal’s Restaurant: Street 502 (past the airstrip, turn left, then right), Banlung.
Terres Rouges: Lakeside, Banlung; T: (012) 770 650; terresrouges@camnet.com.kh.
Bamboo Restaurant: Street 62, Banlung; T: (015) 406 290.
Sky Bar, Yaeklaom Hotel: Street 29, Banlung; T: (011) 974 975 ; (016) 974 975.

What is the optimum time to go to Ratanakiri?

The optimum time to go to Ratanakiri is usually between October to February, when the elements are not hot, and the humidity is manageable. It really is an enjoyable encounter to hike in the mountains, spot wildlife and revel in nature at its best, after heavy downpours in the monsoons. The waterfalls are in their best following a downpour as well.

3-Day Itinerary

Day 1: Plan a vacation to the volcanic lake. Then go to the stone field or Veal Rum Plan, accompanied by a visit to Wat Rahtanharahm for sunset views.

Day 2: Check out explore all of the waterfalls today, likewise incorporate a visit to Lumphat Wildlife Sanctuary. Alternatively, you could visit Norng Kabat Forest.

Day 3: Embark on an excursion to Virachey National Park for hiking and wildlife tours. Stay there overnight or return to Banlung.

Tips When Arriving Ratanakiri

It is suggested to transport essential stuff like medicines, toiletries, great trekking shoes, umbrellas, sunscreen, cap, and other activities.

It is best to book your accommodation beforehand for a hassle-free trip. The limited guesthouses and hotels obtain booked quickly through the high season.

There are no ATMs here, and all transactions are completed just in cash. Carry adequate cash while traveling.

If you would like to camp by yourself in Virachey National Park, that can be done so together with your tents and sleeping bags. Nevertheless, you have to get permits via tour operators to take action. In case you are travelling in an organization, making your way around by car is economical along with comfortable.