With $ 2,000, what type of business can you start?

Lack of sufficient capital is a big problem. There are many people who have ideas but still can not run a business of their dreams due to lack of capital, leading to the lack of courage to give up the idea. At this point, have you ever asked yourself how much capital you need for your business? $ 10,000? $ 20,000 or $ 50,000?

Not all businesses around you need tens of thousands of dollars to start a business. Ideally, you need to start small. Take a look at your abilities and skills, what skills do you have that can go out of business with little capital? You can check the following 29 businesses once, it does not require much capital, that is, only $ 2,000 down can also do business

  1. Social Media Management Specialist
  2. Fitness Instructor
  3. Luggage service
  4. Cheang Tong (Jewelry Design)
  5. Home Paint Service
  6. Part time essay writer
  7. Personal Chef
  8. Office Organizer
  9. Fashion Designer
  10. Provide local marketing planning services
  11. Private teacher
  12. Apartment Arrangement Service
  13. Symbol Designer
  14. Home Cleaning Service
  15. Room installation and repair service
  16. Event Organizers
  17. Digital Marketing Agency
  18. Software Developer
  19. App Developer
  20. Taxi driver
  21. Tour Guide
  22. Tax Service
  23. Personal Counselor
  24. Freight Forwarding, Cargo, Transport
  25. Part-time newspaper translator
  26. Online sellers
  27. Blogger
  28. Financial Advisor
  29. Business planner


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