Why Video Is Exploding on Facebook in Cambodia?

Since Facebook becomes the most popular social media in Cambodia, it also becomes the most popular communication tool for daily conversations among Cambodian people. Cambodian people use Facebook to connect and communicate with their communities and customers, as well as friends. Youth in Cambodia (under age thirty) make up 65.3% of Cambodia’s 14,805,000 people. Twenty-six percent of Cambodians are between the ages of 14 and 30. All of the youth in the country are second and third generation offspring of survivors of the Khmer Rouge, a genocide that occurred from 1975-1979. Source: Wikipedia Here some reasons why Video format is so much popular on Facebook in Cambodia.

The growth of internet infrastructure

While internet connection or internet penetration in Cambodia is getting easier than every before, everyone who own a smart phone can access Facebook to consume information and communications among their networks. Top telco companies such as Smart, Metfone, and Cellcard have been expanding their internet service coverage to even remote areas throughout the kingdom which allows Cambodians using internet even easier.

The growth of mobile phone usage and Convenience

Affordable mobile phones which are the big players in Cambodia market, known as Samsung, VIVO, OPPO, RealMe, and many other smartphone brands enter Cambodia which allow small and medium income households can afford to pay for buying smartphones which they can use all day long to access Facebook. Most of Cambodian people own at least a smartphone rather than a desktop or PC, that is why video content on Facebook is really the ultimate format for Cambodian people ton consume content on Facebook.

The trend of watching rather than reading

It seems like everyone on the planet likes watching videos then reading books or information online since the smartphone era has entered the human being civilization.  People like to spend hour watching movies or watching educational tutorials, but they don’t like spend 10 minutes to ready a story.

Lack of time

Everyone has a lot of things to taking care off. It seems like 24h a day is just not enough for them anymore. They like to watch short videos to learn things fast rather then 30 pages a days to learn a thing.



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