Why Koh Kong is a good place to invest in real estate?

Koh Kong is a coastal province with potential in many areas that some investors can look at some points to consider before investing in three reasons.

High tourism potential

Compared to the four coastal provinces of Sihanoukville, Kampot, Kep, Koh Kong has the longest coastline at 440 km and the largest island with a total area of ​​103 km2, with 10 waterfalls. Suitable to invest as a tourist destination and attract national and international visitors to visit.

Adequate infrastructure

After the construction of National Road No. 48, the sea province with the land border with Thailand will be more developed and become a paradise for nature lovers. In addition, Koh Kong also has a 1,900-meter Koh Kong Bridge, which was commissioned in 2002 to connect the Cham Yeam checkpoint on the Cambodian-Thai border, the longest sea bridge in Cambodia.

Have big investment projects

Recently, the company of Oknha,Kith Meng has been investing in another special economic zone located in a joint location in Botum Sakor Park, Koh Kong Province. Relevant provincial officials held a meeting to discuss in detail the location proposed by Royal Group Co., Ltd in Botum Sakor National Park, Tanon Commune and Thmor Sor Commune, Botum Sakor District, Koh Kong Province.

Meanwhile, Mr. Chrek Soknim, President of the Association of Appraisers and Real Estate Agents of Cambodia, once said that Koh Kong still has high potential for the economy and going forward because the province will have an airport, International flights and large projects are taking place there. Whenever the inflow of foreign investment into Koh Kong will increase the flow of land purchase and land prices are as expensive as in Sihanoukville.

reasons why Koh Kong is a good place to invest in real estate
Reasons why Koh Kong is a good place to invest in real estate


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