Why Is Cambodia The Best In The Region For Foreign Investment?

The answer is simple, it’s easy and it’s practical. Cambodia’s welcoming attitude towards foreigners is the selling point. This is the reason why foreigners from many countries choose to invest in Cambodia. The expat population is now approximately 150,000 and it will continually grow in the next few years.

Housing properties are cheap, the cost of living is low. The ease with which to open and own a business is easy. The government encourages and supports foreign investment. Key laws are created to benefit foreigners bringing in capital to the country. These are the reasons why Cambodia is the best country in Asia for foreign investments.

The country rose from a poor country to a middle-income economy in just a few years. The government supports the developments and the country is ready for the changes. With an economic outlook such as this, it is no wonder that Cambodia’s economy continues to thrive.

Source: southeastasiaglobe.com


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