Why is Cambodia so undeveloped?

There are plenty of reasons for this, however, it is not THAT underdeveloped any more. They have clean drinking water in most towns (the tap water is way better quality than in Thailand), Electricity, super fast WiFi.

Almost everybody has a smartphone these days and some of the apps outshine anything I have seen in Europe such as banking apps (ABA) and almost instant taxi ride apps (PassApp, Grab etc).

The main problems in Cambodia is its insufficient proper infrastructure.

The roads in Phnom Penh are chaos as there are extremely few police, the types that do venture out and about simply create traps and so are just searching for cash. They mainly stop motorists in expensive vehicles or foreigners (Barang). So, it’s virtually a free of charge for all on the roads, few traffic lighting and also the types that is there, are even more of an indicator when compared to a command!

People trip the wrong manner, result from nowhere playing in thier mobile phones whilst riding motorbikes.

That said, I’ve not seen any main accidents in 24 months, simply a few small bumps and scrapes seeing that people have a tendency to drive and trip slowly.

The other part which makes Cambodia feel so underdeveloped is it’s litter and waste problem. There is absolutely no structure in spot to offer rubbish/garbage bins or even to educate people about how to correctly get rid of if it, so that it makes the united states feel even more underdeveloped than it really is. There are several tasks that are underway to boost this situation.


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