Why Investment is Important?

Investment is a contract between a foreign investor and a Cambodian investor in any territory by prior agreement, wherever, in accordance with the law and Provisions of the Contracting Party.

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  1. Investment is important and plays an important role in the national economic development of a developing country as well as a developed country. The private sector is considered to be an important investment with the public sector in the development of all sectors in order to boost the national economy. Has grown steadily.

    On the other hand, this importance has helped to provide jobs for all Cambodians and improve the lives of the poor to have a prosperous life. More like any other country in the world today.

    Investment is slightly different from investing in that “investment” is a transaction to generate capital, such as assets to maintain stability to serve the needs and Necessary. In this sense, the investment is as follows:

    Establishment of a foreign enterprise with subsidiaries, representative offices and branches.

    Acquisition of an existing enterprise

    Entering capital for start-up enterprises

    Enter the capital for existing enterprises.

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