Which mountain is the most attractive in Cambodia?

Talking about mountain in Cambodia is really attractive and the best experience that visitors cannot stop loving this beautiful Kingdom of wonder. Cambodia is an adventure and exploration with widely jungle, highly mountain, kingdom of temple, waterfall with camping, easy transportation with reasonable price, friendly people and kindness, the Island of paradise and many attractive tourist in Cambodia you never know. Visitors are known Cambodia is a country full of cultural, and the most beautiful temple in the world, but they might not know the most adventure attractive in Cambodia. Mention about adventure in Cambodia, mountain is an exploration to run out from the city. Its ancient is such the natural with widely green jungle and waterfall from the mountain. Many visitor like spending their holiday on the top of the mountain and camp with the group of people.

1. Knorng Psar Mountain

Knorng Psar Mountain is a large forested area located in Tang Bompong Village, Ta Sal Commune, Oral District, and Kampong Spue Province. Recently, Knorng Psar has become a popular place for those who love nature, hiking, trekking, adventure, and especially camping which is trendy amongst Cambodian people.

2. Mondulkiri Mountain

Mondulkiri Mountain is the famous and the best atmosphere mountain in Cambodia. Travel from Phnom Penh to Mondulkiri approximately take 7-8 hours. Mondulkiri is the best place for who like camping, picnic with thickly forested mountains and the paradise view.

3. Kirirom Mountain

The most beautiful Pagoda in forest at Kirirom Cambodia | Cambodia Time
The most beautiful Pagoda in forest at Kirirom Cambodia | Cambodia Time

Kirirom Mountain is located in Kompong Speu province. Kirirom has a widely forest and waterfall. Resort and restaurants are also included here. Visitor can camp on the mountain or rent the comfortable resort here. The price here is a bit higher, but really convenient place and safety.

4. Aural Mountain

Aural Mountain is the highest mountain in Cambodia. Get into the top of mountain, visitors cannot ride motorbike or drive by car. You need to walk up until the top of the mountain with Stunning views of Aural Mountain, jungle and wild snuffing are the great way to inspire your speed. So don’t forget to prepare your food and clothes as well.



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