Where should I stay in Cambodia?

Accommodation in Cambodia is generally excellent value, available in a range of guesthouses and hotels (note that many places which call themselves guesthouses are actually more like small hotels). Most places are functional concrete boxes, rather lacking in character, although a few livelier establishments geared towards Western backpackers can be found in the major tourist centers.

Without having any idea of your interests, it’s difficult to make any worthwhile suggestions about areas to visit in Cambodia. If you’d like to come back to the forum with a bit more information, together with the length of time you plan to visit Cambodia, then we can make some suggestions. In the meantime it would be useful for you to do some research to see what you may like to see and do.

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1. Farm Stay

Farm Stay is a good option for those who want to be surrounded by nature during the course of their stay in Cambodia. Located outside the city, provides guests a great view of the mountain. Note that the room offered has no air conditioning system, although it comes with a fan to keep guests cool while there. The farm stay has a barbecue. Breakfast is already included in the rates. The host family also offers dinner to their guests. Those who want to experience how the locals live can do so here in Real Home Stay, which is located 3 kilometers (1.8 mi) away from Siem Reap. Don’t worry about the distance though since you can rent a car at the homestay. The family provides guests information about the customs, traditions, and history of Cambodia, stories which you may not be able to hear if you stayed in a conventional hotel. Note that this accommodation has no air conditioning system. A mosquito net is available on-site to keep guests protected from getting insect bites. Complimentary pickups from the airport and shuttle services are offered by the homestay to guests. Rates include breakfast.

Farm Stay in Cambodia
Farm Stay in Cambodia

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2. Hotel

Hotel is an accommodation that provide you joyful and safely with comfortable swimming pool under the warm weather, restaurant with cheap price and healthy, especially some hotel is more attractive with sky bar and gym club. After wake up from the whole busy day and see the sunshine in the morning such a best atmosphere and great relaxing.

Hotel Stay in Cambodia
Hotel Stay in Cambodia

3. Guest House

Guest House is also a place with acceptable price. Almost tourism choose guest house as their best place for traveling. You can stay only one day or 2-3 hour then you can continues your enjoyable with the precious place.

Guest House in Cambodia
Guest House in Cambodia



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