Where should I live in Cambodia?

Cambodia has many safe and impressive places to live. First choice of locals and tourists of choosing a place is to find the tranquil area with natural beauty along the way as they can live at ease, and to seek for friendly neighbors as they can help when someone else is having a hard time, or they can just interact with each other so as to make the friendship well-connected.

Cambodian people are companionable and kind-hearted. It doesn’t matter if you live in provinces or Phnom Penh, people are all friendly and nice towards each other. “if I want to move to Cambodia, where should I live there?” This is the frequent question which people usually ask when they first start their life in Cambodia. Are you considering of discovery a comfortable place to live in Cambodia? Quick look through these suggestions below to guide you for selecting the most suitable places for you.

You have to be well-considered whether you want to live in city or provinces.

Both Phnom Penh and Provinces have their own specialist and advantageous. If you are a nature and environment lover, living in the countryside is the most suitable one for you, but if you are keen on working, and modern people, so living in the city might be your most preferable one. Though Cambodia is developing country, but Cambodia has many developed things with contemporary places.

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1. Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is the capital city of Cambodia, which has the highest population for about 2 million people in the city. Phnom Penh is modernized among other provinces as it has luxurious shopping malls and supermarkets, many modern buildings infrastructure, and many historical destinations that are the most memorable places such as Toul Sleng Genocide museum, where is a place that used to be a security prison in the Khmer Rouge Regime, Royal palace where serves as the royal residence of the King in Cambodia, and many more historic places.

Phnom penh royal palace complex
Phnom penh royal palace complex

Living in  Phnom Penh city has more opportunities in seeking for jobs, and chance to get higher wages. Apart from this, in the city it has many universities with good learning equipment, also artificial zoo, and man-mad resort. If you are a branding lover, we also provide you with many brand clothing stores with affordable prices. If you are kind of a modern person, and looking for classic places and fancy stuff, no worries, Phnom Penh has its all. Living in Phnom Penh is like living in a modern city with new standard.

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Phnom Penh is an appropriate place for setting up a business because it’s crowded, and many business investments are primarily run smoothly. At the meantime, you will easily spot restaurants and coffee shops as they’re everywhere.

2. Provinces

Living in province has a good impact on your mental health as you can take your mind off from stressful stuff, and fresh air is included. In province, it has scenic beauty as well as waterfall, mountain, and scenic greenery along the way. When it comes to food, everything is healthy as plenty of crops, fruits, and vegetables are organic. There are many local markets with fixed prices in provinces, and also many tourists are captivated to countryside because of their stunning scenery. Many restaurants, café, and hotels are effortlessly to search for. There are many historical places in each province where you can acknowledge yourself more about the history. You can simply live a simple life in provinces.

Rice field in province, Cambodia
Rice field in province, Cambodia

You have to ask yourself first, what types of person are you? Are you into fancy stuff? Are you a nature lover? Are you a branding lover? Or are a thalassophile?

  • So if you are into fancy things, and branding stuff, I would suggest you to live in Phnom Penh because it’s great for you to live there as you can enjoy your spare time with your favorite items
  • Are you a nature or art lover? If so, I would recommend you to live in provinces such as in Siem Reap province, Battambang province, so on and so forth. Living there are probably the right places for you.
  • If you are a thalassophile (a beach or sea lover), my suggestion is to live in provinces where are located near the beaches including Kep, Koh Kong, Sihanoukville, and Kompot.

There are 25 provinces in Cambodia including the capital city of Cambodia. Cambodia is a safe country to live with elfin landscape, so no matters if you prefer living in provinces or Phnom Penh, you will live a commodious life with warmhearted people as everyone is generous and approachable.


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