Where is the coldest place in Cambodia?

In Cambodia, people might be thinking of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap province where is the most attractive place for tourists to visit, and surrounded by historical places, but some people might not be aware of the places that are known and popular as the coldest places where the weather there is quite better than any other provinces and city in Cambodia. In Cambodia, there are 2 seasons which are the dry season and rainy season, and Cambodia has the tropical monsoon climate with warm temperature throughout the years. For this reason, Cambodia might not be experienced the snow like those countries where the snow drops. However, there are some places in some provinces that are considered as the coldest places in Cambodia, even if Cambodia has never experienced the snow before, but still you can enjoy the coldest weather in the country. Below are the provinces that are considered the coldest one in Cambodia.

1. Mondulkiri province

Mondulkiri is also considered as the coldest province in Cambodia due to the beauty greenery, waterfalls, and more. You will feel the cold weather in the morning and evening in each season, and it’s so foggy at those time, plus many travel destinations are also located in Mondulkiri. If you’re kind of nature lover, this place is perfectly suit you with the scenic greenery along the way.

2. Ratanakiri province

Ratanakiri province is located in the northeast of Cambodia where is bordered by Mondokiri province to the south, Steung Treng province to the west, Vietnam to the east, and Laos to the north. Many natural places, and resorts are located in Ratanakiri province. Some people might not know about this place as one of the best travel destination in Cambodia, and the weather there is perfectly fresh with the greenery surrounded by. There are many best things that you can do and visit in Ratanakiri including waterfalls, mountains, traditional home of indigenous people, and mysterious lake known as Beung Yeak Loum, which transformed into a lake because of the volcano eruption. People in Ratanakiri province are mostly known as the indigenous people, even their language is also a lots different than the language in some other provinces and city. They speak Khmer as it’s mother tongue, but the tone is different. One particular thing is that the weather in Ratanakiri is cold specially in the morning and evening. You can feel this weather in every season, and it looks so comfortable to live and relax there.

3. Bokor mountain

Bokor is one of the coldest and enjoyable place that is well-known by people. When the onshore breeze rises up the sheer geological formation face carrying damp air from the ocean, it spills over the highest a thick fog that made the temperature dropped quickly. The fog was thus thick, you might barely puzzle out the sides of the road, quite heavy once there are sheer drops to the forest below.

Besides these three provinces, other sites where are located near the beaches, waterfalls, and mountains, such are Kirirom mountain, Koh Kong, Kompot, Preah Vihea, Kulen Mountain, and many more, are also considered the coldest areas in Cambodia.


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