Where exactly do I put my money, so that I can actually make money in Cambodia?

1. Long Term –> Agriculture If your strategy is to play long term, and create assets that are valuable for the next 50 years, look towards agriculture. its an easy win.

Farming is largely backed by government support, and everyone seems to realize this is an important sector for the country.

Cambodia in 2012 received its FIRST order of rice from China, and it won’t be China’s last order of rice from Cambodia. Jim Rogers has stated that if you want to be rich “become a Chinese farmer.” Better yet, don’t become a Chinese farmer and start a business in a communist country – start an agriculture business, and sell the rice to the Chinese from right next door.

Cambodia is well positioned to be the agricultural hotbed of southeast Asia . As Vietnam, China and Thailand race towards development, a growing population and rising middle class will demand more protein. Food, in general, will see a massive increase in demand, and decrease in supply in the 21st century. Cambodia and Myanmar are strategically positioned to start an agriculture business.

2. Short Term Tourism

Tourism on the southern beaches could absolutely explode in coming years. A spillover from the overcrowded Thai tourism market is inevitable, and Cambodia has pristine beaches that rival any in neighboring Siam.

Tourism has been growing over 10% YOY in Cambodia.

2.8 million tourists visited Cambodia in 2011

12 percent more than the 2.5 million arrivals in 2010.

Compare this to the 15 million tourists that visited Thailand in 2011 , 55% of which were return tourists.

“Officials believe that international arrivals will reach 4.5 million by 2015 and 7 million by 2020” source , It is clear that the trend in UP for tourism, and there is still amazing beachfront plots available. Instead of wasting your money in Phuket , why not spring next door to the next Phuket.

Foreigners can’t own the ground floor of a building but are free to buy condos and other real estates, but it can if you get a passport… 3. Wildcard Investment –> Cambodian Citizenship Alternatively, if you have the cash and want to make a run at it, you might seriously consider a citizenship by investment, or even set up some sort of program that provides this service to others.

As it stands, the total cost of this citizenship will run you about $200,000.

Source: flagtheory.com


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