Where can I buy clothes in Cambodia?

Not only a country that is rich in both culture and tradition, but Cambodia is also known as a great country for shopping. There are plenty of markets in Cambodia where is your best shopping destinations including in provinces and Phnom Penh, which provide you the inexpensive and good quality of clothes and many more. In Cambodia, you can either do shopping offline or online that you can settle on your most preferable one. Have no ideas in finding swag clothes, cute clothes and fancy dresses while doing shopping in Cambodia as it’s your first time traveling to this country, here are some of places that are good for shopping destinations where you can buy anything you want, and guide you to your shopping target.

1. Russian Market (known as Toul Tom Poung Market)

Toul Tom Poung market is located in Phnom Penh. This market is not only best known for handmade souvenirs, and jewelry, but it’s also good for offline shopping. Mostly, Russian market sells the factory and brand name clothing, which are made from Cambodia, and exported from foreign countries such as Thailand, Hong Kong, and Korea. The cost of clothes is affordable, and the fabric is also pleasant. One particular thing is that all types of stuff as well as clothes and dresses in this market is fixed price. You can bargain the price with sellers if you think the original price is kind of expensive for you. Russian market is one of the best place to go for the clothing, but please be well-prepared of hot and sweaty time of digging through tons of clothes to seek for what you are looking for.

2. AEON MALL 1 & 2

Aeon Mall is one of the luxurious and biggest shopping mall in Cambodia that has many branding stuff. There are a lot of brand clothing shops including Asian brands, and Western style. If you are a brand clothing lover, you should spend your money and time there, and you will enjoy your shopping moment without sweaty because it has the air conditioners everywhere. The cost of clothes is kind of expensive as it’s a branding one, but if you think you can afford it, it won’t be expensive for you. All types of clothes and dresses are not fixed prices.

3. Beoung Keng Kong Market

Beoung Keng Kong Market is also one of the best shopping destinations where is located in Phnom Penh. There are tons of factory clothes, which were manufactured by locals, and many second hand clothing. You can also discover many beautiful women and men clothing based on your styles. The fabrics are truly gorgeous, and the price is cheap and affordable.

4. Pub Street

Pub street is located in Siem Reap province, and it’s the nightlife hub of the town. Tourists around the world who come to Siem Reap province will not miss this place because they can chill their time there. Pub Street is not only popular for clubs, but it’s also notable as one of the best shopping destination. You can find out many traditional and casual clothes with inexpensive prices if you don’t want to go to the local markets.

6. Central Market (known as Psa Tmey)

Central Market is the oldest market and the Art Deco landmark of Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. It’s the most popular one among other markets in Phnom Penh where you can dig the load of clothes with fixed prices. One serious thing about this market is that you will be lost if you’re not familiar with this market, which mean you won’t be able to find the parking lot. So please be careful with this, and don’t shopping alone.

Besides this, if you don’t want to do offline shopping as because it’s waste time, and exhausted, you can prefer online shopping instead by only dropping your order. There are hundreds of online store websites, or you can discover many online shopping name in Cambodia by searching them on social media platform as well as on Facebook or Instagram.

Where can I buy clothes in Cambodia
Where can I buy clothes in Cambodia


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  1. The number one place to buy things in Cambodia is Phnom Penh. It’s well known as a hot spot for shopping in Cambodia. The capital city of Cambodia has a bustling marketplace in the center of the city called Sorya Mall. This mall is a great place to buy souvenirs. Sorya Mall is a busy place with many shops and vendors with products such as clothing, traditional artwork, and bamboo items. The mall is open air with shops lined up along walkways. It is easy to navigate through the many shops. The space is full of Cambodian people and foreigners alike.

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