When was the National Bank of Cambodia established? And what is the history?

The National Bank of Cambodia was established on December 23, 1954, after Cambodia gained independence from French colonization and after the Indochina Mint. Closed and the riel was issued and put into circulation on January 1, 1955.


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  1. In 1964, under the Sangkum Reastr Niyum regime, the National Bank of Cambodia was nationalized, transforming from a semi-autonomous institution into an industrial and state-owned bank. Trade. All local commercial banks were closed and the government established some state-owned banks, such as the National Credit Bank, the Development Bank and the Rural Agricultural Bank.

    Unfortunately, on April 17, 1975, when the Democratic Kampuchea (Khmer Rouge) regime in power, the National Bank of Cambodia was shut down, its headquarters was demolished. The nation was decommissioned and the banking system was completely abolished. After the fall of the Khmer Rouge regime, the National Bank of Cambodia was re-established on October 10, 1979 as the country’s central bank. “National Bank of the People of Cambodia.”

    On March 20, 1980, the National Bank of Cambodia reissued the riel to facilitate the payment of goods and pay. Civil servants. On January 30, 1992, the National Assembly passed a law on changing the name and role of the bank from “National Bank of Cambodia” to “National Bank of Cambodia”. “Which was promulgated by the Council of State on February 8, 1992.

    The banking system has grown significantly since the mid-1990s, when the banking sector was reformed. And the functioning of the National Bank of Cambodia, the law on banks and financial institutions, as well as other laws and regulations apply.

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