What type of business should I start in Cambodia?

Who want to open a business in Cambodia, raise your hands? Cambodia is heart of ASEAN community where businessmen jump in to explore and kick off their start up there.  How about you what type of business should you start in Cambodia? And why?

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  1. Traditionally, most foreigners coming to the country start Cambodian businesses in the tourism industry. This means bars, restaurants, guesthouses or tour companies. Many from other areas of Asia also find success expanding their existing operations in manufacturing or production.

    Is Cambodia good for business?
    Out of 183 economies, the World Bank has ranked Cambodia 171st in terms of ease of setting up a new business. Cambodia saddles would-be entrepreneurs with a plethora of procedures to follow, and the average number of days it takes to register a business clocks in at 85–much more than in neighboring countries.

    How many companies are there in Cambodia?
    Cambodia increased the number of business enterprises it had to 513,759 companies at the end of March last year, up from the 463,363 enterprises accounted for in 2011, according to the final results of the 2014 Cambodia Inter-Censal Economic Survey.

    What business is good in Cambodia?
    Doing business in Cambodia – Market opportunity
    Tourism infrastructure and resorts.
    Education services.
    Architecture, construction, and engineering services.
    Household goods and appliances.
    Agribusiness and food processing.
    Used cars and automotive parts.
    Power generation equipment.
    Fast food and beverage franchises.

    What is the main industry in Cambodia?
    Cambodia’s two largest industries are textiles and tourism, while agricultural activities remain the main source of income for many Cambodians living in rural areas.

    Can a foreigner start a business in Cambodia?
    There are no restrictions to a business being 100 percent foreign owned. This is not to be confused with Cambodian land ownership, in which a foreigner can generally own a maximum of 49 percent. … To register a company in Cambodia the name must also be registered with the MoC.

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