What should you not wear in Cambodia?

Right off the bat, what to wear in Cambodia may seem like a ridiculous question. After all, you’re there for a great time as a visitor. Shorts and tanks tops all the way right? Wrong. As with any other country, you should always be aware of cultural differences and the norms of dressing and behavior before you visit. While it is not wrong to wear what you choose, you stand to offend the locals, whose country you have chosen to visit and admire. Read through this quick guide on what not to wear in Cambodia so you know just what to pack for the trip of a lifetime.

1. Cover up your shoulders and upper arms not to short

This means no tank tops, no straps, and not even t-shirts with sleeves too short cover your knees no above-knee shorts or skirt. To be completely safe, wear ankle-length pants or skirt, apparently sometimes people get turned away for not covering their lower legs too

2. Footwear do not wear in house or temple

When visiting the Buddhists temples in Cambodia, or entering a government building or someone’s home, tourists are expected to dress smart and more conservatively. Women are expected to wear a knee-length skirt or pants, and are able to wear a t-shirt or a blouse with either long or short sleeves. All visitors to sacred sites should remember to remove their shoes and hat, and completely avoid wearing any clothing with religious imagery such as depictions of Buddha or Hindu gods.

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3.  Do not wear hat

The feet are considered to be the dirtiest and least sacred part of the body. You will see almost every tourist and local in Cambodia wearing flip flops on a daily basis and that’s because it’s customary to slip your shoes off when entering a place—not just someone’s house or a hostel. You’ll be expected to take your shoes off at temples and many restaurants, too.

What should you not wear in Cambodia
What should you not wear in Cambodia

4. Do not wear black clothes

If you wish to wear black clothes, do not wear when you are invited to join wedding or engagement and pagoda. Black clothes only allow on death ceremony.


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