What should I know before investing in real estate?

Are you thinking of investing in real estate today?

Before investing or buying any property or land in Cambodia, you may want to consider these six fundamental criteria or questions your should  know in order to maximize for future profits:

1. Road: Does the place have dirt road, paved road or concrete road? And how many meters is the road?

2. State Building: Is the area close to the district hall, the police station, the military post? . Etc. Town: Is the area densely populated? And are there schools, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, resorts nearby?

4. Industrial areas: Does the area have large factories nearby?

5. Electricity: Is there a connection? If so, is it a public or private electricity?

6. Banks: Are there any banks or financial institutions nearby?

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  1. Those six properties buying or investment considerations are ultimately right for current and future profits. In addition to that if those properties are located near super markets or giant foreign development projects, the properties price uprising even higer.

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