What should businesses in Cambodia do during Covid19?

Many businesses have been stopped their operation while other still slowly running during Covid19 pandemics. The demand of online services are on the rise in Cambodia as most businesses cannot operate offline. Here’re some suggestions of businesses in Cambodia should do during Covid19:

1. Exploring the possibility of turning your business to digital

No mater what type of buisness you are operating in Cambodia, let test and explore ways you can turn your offline business to online if possible. To do so, you should be better to find mentor or digital marketing consultant to provide your practical advise how you can turn your business online. On the other hand, you may want to change your business nature slidely to fit with the current situation of covid19.

2. Take online courses

While you might have much spare time during Covid19, you may want to strengthen your capacity or skills in selling your products or services online, if though you will need to take some digital marketing courses so that you have enough capacity to turn your business from offline to online. Here are some best online courses in Cambodia you may want to take: www.sovanntv.com/courses

3. Reduce staff working hour or working from home

You may want to explore possibility to reduce numbers of staff who are working in different position to work from home or cut working hours so that your operating costs are reduced during Covid19.

4. Building online community or networks

If you think that you business is able to turn to online, you may want to build fan-based online community, like Facebook Group and Telegram group where you can engage and sell your products and service to them.

Business in Cambodia During Covid19
Business in Cambodia During Covid19


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