What it Costs to Live in Cambodia?

If you’re tired of spending everything you earn on the monthly bills, you could chop them by a huge percentage if you went to live in Cambodia.

How do these expenses for living in Cambodia compare to yours?

A 2-bedroom apartment with a pool in the capital city for $500, a $5 massage for an hour, a full-time nanny or housekeeper for $120 a month, meals out for $2, taxis for a dollar or two.

A while back I put out a book on cutting your expenses in half by moving abroad Get it here ) In the course of that, I interviewed loads of expats living in different countries. If you pinned me to the wall and said I had to tell you which country was the absolute cheapest place to live in Southeast Asia, Cambodia would be the answer. It’s one of the cheapest places to live in the world really, edged out by just a few. If you’re earning a couple grand in passive income, this could be your spot for a four hour work week


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