What is the situation of International tourists in Cambodia in 2020?

In 2020, the number of international foreigners tourists to Cambodia has declined 80 percent 2020 while it reaches only 1.306 million, according to the report from the Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia. In 2020, China, Thailand, and Vietnam were the top three sources of international visitors to Cambodia, accounting for 55 percent of total arrivals. Chinese arrivals were down 86 percent, Thai visits were down 55 percent, and Vietnamese arrivals were down 80 percent year over year, according to the ministry. Cambodian outbound travel is expected to drop to 326,199 departures in 2020, according to the report.

With 329,673 visitors, Chinese tourists topped the list of arrivals by nationality. Thailand came in second with 210,876 people, followed by Vietnam with 182,199. The United States came in second with 55,973, followed by Korea (Republic of Korea) with 55,935. With 44,784 visitors, the United Kingdom came in first, followed by France with 43,174 visitors. There were 41,257 Japanese tourists, 34,352 visitors from Laos, and 27,280 visitors from Germany.

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With the diversification of new tourism products and the enhancing of the growth of well-known tourism zones, the government has released a special tourist policy aimed at reviving and promoting the inclusive development of the socio-economic situation through the tourism industry.

Special tourist groups include special package tourists, business tourists, second home-tourists, senior foreign visitors (older or retired people with money and resources), and other government-defined types of tourists.


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