What is the right age to start a business?

At what age is best to start a business?

At what age should you start your business? 20 years old? 30 years old? Or 40 years? This is a question that does not have any real standard answer for those who wish to do business or start a business can Apply as a whole. If you are still confused about this, please take a look at the research below.

According to a research study entitled Age and entrepreneurial career success: A review and a meta-analysis ) Found that the success rate of those who start a business in their 20s is similar to those who start a business in the 20s. 50 years old.

Based on the above research, there is a balance that arises at this point. While young entrepreneurs are more prone to new technological knowledge and reluctant to take risks, older entrepreneurs Has a lot of experience, strong skills in business, strong communication network and strong capital.

In contrast, the founders who started the business in their 30s and 40s did not seem to be very successful in Start their business. The same research found that “life at this age” has High responsibilities in the same story, such as building a family, earning an income, trying to avoid risk Etc. and can create many other big obstacles. This is not the right age and easy to build an entrepreneurial life.

However, these findings contradict previous US Census Bureau studies. (United States Census Bureau) shows that the most successful age of entrepreneurship is mostly for people in the age. Kandal, especially business people from the technology sector. The average age of successful business people from those tech companies is 45 years old.

If the data do not contradict each other like this, the question is, which is the best answer for you to start a business? Based on the above research, you really have a hard time deciding which one is more accurate? However, keep in mind that the more research you do, the more different answers you will get on this topic. .

Every day, a lot of people start a business. But if this person does business, that person does business, and you do business, then your situation is not the same. There is no scientific analysis that is 100% accurate and a standard model that shows that you should start a business in At what age is the most successful.

If you start a business in your 20s, believe in yourself and strive to achieve your business dreams. . If you start a business in your 50s, have confidence in yourself and fight for your business success. You. If you start a business in your 30s or 40s, have confidence in yourself and forget your point of view. This is the way that makes your spirits hesitate or doubt in your business life.

Because of your ideas, your efforts, your creativity and your commitment on who you are and What do you really want? How hard do you try? These are the most important factors that are more valuable than determining the age of your business.


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