What is the national dish in Cambodia?

Cambodia is considered to be one of the best country for healthy and unique food. Since most people prefer to eat fast food as it’s more convenient, and spend effortless in making food, so they don’t normally try and eat either homemade or traditional food. So just in case, you miss the traditional food and want to eat the most common and national dish in Cambodia, the list below will brief you some of Cambodian national cuisine.

1. Creamy Prohok dip

Creamy Prohok dip also known as Prohok Ktis is one of the best national dish among other Khmer food. The texture is quite creamy since it’s combined from coconut cream, prohok, palm sugar, and so on. It tastes good when eating with a bowl of rice, and dipping with all types of fresh vegetable. You’ll smell the aroma of prohok when putting it in your mouth, and it’ll even melt immediately as it’s mixed until it becomes small creamy pieces. Cambodian people occasionally make this in special event such as in Pchum Ben days or when celebrating a ceremony.

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2. Lemongrass sour soup

This soup is perfectly fit in the cold weather and rainy tropical days. This can be made from any types of meat such as fish, beef, chicken, and pork. Adding the vegetable such as water lily, watercress, and papaya are best way to make the soup more appetizing. Don’t forget to add a bit of chilies or banana pepper in the soup to make it spicier and appealing, and also prepare a small bowl of fish sauce with crash garlic and chili, just in case the soup is a bit blend so that you can adjust to your own favorite. Cambodian people always enjoy this cuisine anytime they want.

3. Khmer noodle

Khmer noodle is also being called as Nom ban chok by Cambodian people. You may think this dish is simple, but It’s beyond your imagination. This food is combined from the noodle which is pounded out of rice, soup with lemongrass paste which is topped with fish based. Fresh vegetable such as cucumber, banana flower, cabbage is also being served in this type of national food. Chili is the optional, but I suggest to add chili in the Nom Banh Chok to make it more delicious. You won’t get enough of it when eating this food, and you also can serve this as your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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4. Fragrant vegetable soup

Fragrant vegetable soup is being combined from many kinds of vegetable such as eggplant, papaya, pumpkin, and so on. You can add meat to make it taste good. This fragrant soup is also known as Som Lor Korko or Som Lor Pro her. It’s taste amazing which is very unique with the well-balanced of ingredient, and mixed of many types of fresh organic vegetable. You can eat this with a bowl of rice or eat it alone. Add more chilies to make it more aromatic, attractive, and delicious.


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