What is the most famous food in Cambodia?

When people think of Cambodia, they tend to think of its beautiful temples, or its violent history. And yet, ask any Cambodian for what they think of their own country, and you’ll get an answer along the lines of “the most famous food in Cambodia”. There are some traditional foods of Cambodia, instant food and some Westernized versions, and they are become popular.

What is the most famous food in Cambodia?
What is the most famous food in Cambodia?

1. Western food

When it comes to fast food or western food, many people think of pizza, burger, and many more. Some of Cambodian people don’t have enough time to cook, so they chiefly dine out, or order food to eat at home. Eating fast food is a lots convenient that eating traditional food since fast food is easy to get done unlike traditional food. Making traditional food takes long time, and it’s quite hard to get done. Fast food tastes amazing as it’s combined from cheese, bread, and some special ingredient that make it more appetizing, unique, and delicious. Even though fast food is easy to prepare, but eating this is not really good for health.

2. Khmer Traditional food

Traditional food takes quite long time to get done, but it’s worth the time. Eating traditional food in Cambodia is healthy as the ingredients are principally combined with organic vegetable, the taste is well-balance which mean it’s not too salty, and sweet. Also, the calories of traditional food are quite lower than the fast food one, so with this reason eating traditional food is healthier than eating fast food.

There are some of Khmer traditional cuisine, which are very famous, common, and healthy to eat. One of the most common recipe is called amok trey kiet, in which you wrap the critter in a banana leaf and fry it, but there are also amok chrolie and amok truk, which both are made by wrapping the scorpion in the leaf and steaming it. It’s very famous in Cambodia, and well-known by many people including foreigners and locals.

3. Instant food

Instant food is also very famous in Cambodia. Instant food is the best when people don’t have much time to arrange the food, or when they are at workplace or somewhere else where don’t have space or enough equipment, ingredient to cook. Instant food is already cooked, so when you eat, you can warm it up, or put it in the microwave, then it’s done. You can also enjoy without warming or putting in the microwave as well.


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