What is the most common job in Cambodia?

When it comes to Cambodia, you may wonder what are the common job that people work in Cambodia. Well, there are plenty of jobs that need people to work with, but some of the jobs are only the most preferable that are being selected by workers. Below are the jobs list that people principally work.

1. Teacher

Being a teacher in Cambodia is kind of the customary work that are being chosen by people. That kind of occupation is easy to find as many public and private schools needs many teachers or lecturers to teach the students. If you are an expert of languages, you can work as a foreigner teacher. And if you are a foreigner teacher, you’ll get acceptable or higher salary. Equivalently, this kind of job is also popular for adults, and for those college students who are in their freshman, sophomore year, or junior year, they all tend to work as a part-time teacher, for to get experience and find the financial to support the school fee.

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2. Banker or Accountant

This kind of occupation is also the most common job in Cambodia. For students who are graduating from high school, they will pursue their academic journey in the field of finance, banking, accounting, business, or other related fields. Majoring in those fields, students tend to easily find a job after graduating from college because there are many investment or banks to invest in Cambodia, so many of those companies will hire employees who are majoring in those fields.

3. Barista

Many college students have a tendency to be a barista. This kind of job is also being popular among other jobs, and many university students are being worked as a barista. For this reason, it’s easy to find this job, and it’s mostly a part time job, so students can work as a part-timer to find more experience and money as well. This kind of occupation will definitely one of the most common jobs that people work in Cambodia.

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4. Businessman or Businesswoman

Being a business either men or women is also a job in Cambodia. This is a very common one as Cambodian people are likely to own a business including all types of business such as online selling, export and import goods, investment in a company, and many more. Some people are also working in a company and doing their business at the same time. Not to mention, doing business can earn much money than working in a company, and for that reason, most people in Cambodia at least have a small business to run. Doing a business is also a job because for those who run a business, they have to organize, lead, manage, and control. Being a businessmen or women have the duties to protect​​ the business, and carefully calculate the expenses in the company.

There are plenty of jobs in Cambodia, and all of them will guide and teach you to acknowledge more, gain new experience, and also help you become more sociable. As long as you’re capable with it, love, and bear with it, you’ll unquestionably become the outstanding worker, and get so many loved by your boss or co-workers.



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