What is the best thing to buy in Cambodia?

When people visit other countries, they want to know the best things that they can buy as gifts to show that they have traveled to that countries. Cambodia is best known as a country that produced the handmade souvenirs, which are designed and created by locals. There are many unique artisans and handmade gifts in Cambodia that tourists can see their masterpiece and passion through their work. Here are the 6 best things to buy in Cambodia, the Kingdom of Wonder.

1. Khmer scarf (known as Krama)

Krama is a traditional Cambodian garment with many different uses such as to cover the face, for decorative, as a hammock, as a bandanna to around the neck to prevent sunburn, to cover the hair and head, to wipe sweat, to wrap clothes, and many more in different usages. You’ll spot the karma everywhere you go because it’s the symbol of Cambodia and used by all kind of people. Tourists can find Krama throughout the country with varying prices. Krama has many different colors, which you can choose your own favorite one. It’s one of the meaningful thing as because it is handmade, wove by hands. Don’t forget to buy Krama when visiting Cambodia.

2. Palm sugar

When it comes to sugar, both tourists, national and international, they tend to prefer palm sugar because it is made from the palm juice, and stir it well until it becomes brown. If you want a palm juice, you have to catch the palm fruit by climbing to the palm tree until you reach to the skinny trunk to get the fruits, and the trunk of a palm tree can span for about 30 meters. The palm sugar tastes similar to normal sugar, but it is sweeter and more delicious, and it also has the brown color. Many people use palm sugar in cooking, making dessert, and there is no expiration of palm sugar, which means you can use it anytime, and you can keep it for a long time.

3. Reed Basket

Reed basket is a handicraft, and It’s an important view of rehabilitation for the victims of landmines. The reed basket is being made from the reeds, and people have to cultivate and harvest it by themselves. Mostly, Cambodian people use this to carry things, including putting the dry fish, fruit, or vegetable in this basket.

4. Organic Soap

In Cambodia, people tend to use natural ingredients to produce scented products like soaps. The soaps that is made by Cambodian have the unique smell and scent. Lemongrass, lemons, pepper, and coconut oil are mostly being used as the ingredients in mixing soaps. Using natural soap is good for skin, makes the skin tighter and brighter. Organic soap is very suitable to be a gifts, which provide the unique smell, and unforgettable scents.

5. Sculpture arts

In Cambodia, many locals have made many splendid duplicates of sculptured works with affordable prices. They tend to sculpture the art like the illustrious Angkor Wat, Apsaras, so on and so forth to become mini statues. Those artworks are conveyed from the Khmer Spirit that become into artistic works. They remind us the hidden glamor of Cambodia where is best known as the amazing historical country.

6. Rice wine

Rice wine is the traditional alcoholic beverage in Cambodia, and it’s typically being used to make the sausages. The process of making rice wine is not complicated if you’re familiar with it because it’s easy to follow, and make this at home. Cambodian rice wine is made from the sticky rice that has been converted to the unique tasting drink. Making rice wine need to have two main ingredients, which are sticky rice, and yeast powder, and know the basic processes along the way. First step, soak the rice for about 1 hour, then rinse it and boil it a steamer. Check the rice if it is well-cooked, then spread the rice on the cooking sheet. Step two, crush the yeast ball to become the yeast powder, and then combine the yeast powder on the rice on the cooking sheet. The next step, place both of them on the container, and wait for it to ferment for a month. Finally, strain the rice mixture and enjoy the wine. When traveling to Cambodia, don’t forget to grab a bottle of rice wine, which provides you the unique taste.

best thing to buy in Cambodia
Best thing to buy in Cambodia


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