What is the average and minimum salary in Cambodia?

The average and minimum salary in Phnom Penh are useful for investors willing to work or invest in Cambodia. As we have already known that Cambodia is one of the fastest-growing countries in Asia and has one of the most relaxed in terms of visa policies. We should analyze the salary in Cambodia in order to understand clearly that.

However, in the first place, we suppose to know how much minimum salary in Cambodia. The minimum salary in Phnom Penh, Cambodia is currently at $ 192 US dollars per month in January 2021. This minimum salary is a standard for workers who work in the garment industry and also applies to most companies in all the country.

The average salary in Cambodia is around $290 US dollars per month. However, Phnom Penh is the most expensive city in Cambodia, but with the highest salaries for people from different areas in Cambodia. Phnom Penh also considers becoming a crowded city in Cambodia since many people come to caught opportunities for their living. Nonetheless, in case you’re a foreign national who comes to work in Cambodia, you would earn twice more than this average salary.

This is the information that foreigners should understand about the amount of money between the minimum and average salary. However, keep in mind that for you, as a foreigner, you earn mostly more than ordinary Cambodians in a certain job, simply as teaching English, specifically. Therefore, if you intend to work in Cambodia and thinking about the salary you are supposed to multiply these minimum and average salaries. And with this salary, you can live freely in Cambodia comfortably since Cambodia is low spending to live in for foreign nationals.

What is the average and minimum salary in Cambodia?
What is the average and minimum salary in Cambodia?

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