What is Land Banking Strategy?

Land Banking is an investment strategy to buy vacant or undeveloped land, then sell or develop it at any time when the opportunity arises. Most investors do not consider such investments as they are unlikely to increase their income or benefit from it. Land Banking is an effective strategy today.

What is Land Banking

The Land Banking strategy was developed 500 years ago by John Jacob Astor, who became the first billionaire in the United States.

John Jacob Astor bought a lot of land in Manhattan, New York, while no one was interested in the opportunity. John Jacob Astor His net worth reached $ 110.1 billion in 2006, making him the fourth richest person in American history.

Investing in Land Banking requires investors to be very patient and wait for opportunities as most people want to invest with immediate results. And this investment also needs to know the market and development trends to avoid risk.


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