What is it like to live in Cambodia?

Living in Cambodia is like living in a place where you can take your mind off with the unexpected view, and surrounded by wonderful people. The weather is great, food is tasty, and it’s way cheaper than back home. Cambodia is a relatively laid back place and doesn’t have a lot of the stresses of the west. Traffic is pretty light, and it’s quite easy to get around. You can travel the entire country for a very low price and there’s lots to see and do. The transportation system is growing and there are plenty of flights to other parts of South East Asia. People in Cambodia are generally friendly, and there exist few problems with the government.

Battambang in Cambodia
What is it like to live in Cambodia?

1. A stress released place

All parts of Cambodia are the best site for you to take your mind off from nerve-racking stuff. If you’re stressed about life, you can relax yourself at the beaches at Sihanoukville since the view there is stunning, the shadow of the sunset reflect on the surface of the sea make it like a wallpaper, and the wind is fresh which is quite healthy to your health. The sound of the waves make you feel calm and soften your heart. With the white soft sand, you’ll feel at ease, and better.

2. Best place to make close friends

If you think you have on one to rely on, you can make friends with Cambodian people. They are ready to help you anytime, and if you’re close to Cambodian people, you can talk about anything with them, they will give advice and comfort you when you feel disappointed and downhearted. Don’t feel embarrassed to talk about what happened in life, Cambodian people will be there for you anytime when you need.

3. Cheap place for traveling, shopping, and food

Don’t worry about the travel accommodation. It’s very cheap in Cambodia, and you can travel to other provinces with a very low price with comfortable buses.

Shopping in all areas in Cambodia is cheap since all stuff is quite affordable with high quality. It’s possible to live a comfortable life in Cambodia. When it comes to food, not to mention, food in this country is healthy, and taste unique different from neighboring countries. It’s cheap, and you can it as much as you want.

4. Rich culture

Culture in Cambodia is very unbelievable. You get to see and acknowledge more about history. From the great temple of Angkor Wat, many other prestigious ancient temples, to Khmer traditional dance, music, arts of Cambodia are always gripping journey. Cambodian are proud to be born in this Kingdom of wonder, and they love to share their culture and heritage.


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