What is future of digital marketing business in Cambodia?

Here are 5 top reasons will make the future of Digital Marketing Business in Cambodia grows skyrocketing.

1. The economic growth

The Asian Development Bank has just released the 2019 edition of its flagship economic publication, the Asian Development Outlook (ADO)! In the report, ADB reviews Cambodia’s 7.0% growth rate and 6.8% forecast for 2020! However, due to Covid19, the Cambodian economy climate is not good as other countries do. When the Covid19 season is ended Cambodian economics will grow.

2. The growth of internet users

9.7 million internet users in Cambodia! That’s a 15% increase from the previous year! And we’re talking about 58% of the population! The Cambodian population has seen a significant increase in social media activity over the last few years. In 2021, about 71.3% of the Cambodian population were active social media users. This was a notable increase from 2016, in which 27%. When internet user is growing, every business is like to spend a lot of money on promoting their businesses online so Digital Marketing Business is booming.

3. The growth of internet banking

The Next-Generation Mobile Payments And Banking. Simplify your life with Cambodia’s only all-in-one mobile payment and banking app. Bakong combines all of your online banking and financial applications into a single, easy-to-use interface. Switching between apps has never been this simple, convenient or secure! Bakong plays an important role in building trust and connect all the local and internet bank to its central system which support in facilitating any financial transaction online easily and secure. Therefore, both individual and business are convenience and purchasing or shopping online where Digital Marketing companies play an important role in supporting them to promote their business.

4. The Growth of Traffic Jams

That’s right, you read it correctly. Traffic jams are not just annoying and inconvenient, they’re also bad for the environment and your health. Did you know that the traffic is at its worst from 6am to 8am and 4pm to 7pm? I’m not surprised, considering this issue has the potential to make Phnom Penh a better city for everyone economically and environmentally. Cambodian People hate traffic jams, they don’t want to going out for shopping. If they go they need to spend money for gasoline as well; however, if they just order food, clothes’ or anything online with free or a docent transportation fee, they are likely to use that service without going out of home. Therefore, people become lazier than ever before businesses they can sell product to them easily. To sell those services or products to customers, those business need digital marketing agencies to help them.

5. The Climate Change

Cambodia is considered one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change impacts such as floods and droughts. Of the four top economic sectors – garment, tourism, construction and agriculture – the latter accounted for 57.6% of rural labour force, and for over 30% of GDP in 2011 . Lack of or inadequate physical infrastructure, early warning systems and low capacity of farmers to adapt to the adverse effect of climate change exacerbate the risks associated with changing weather patterns. Farmers face seasonal challenges of droughts in the dry season and floods due to heavy rains in the wet season. Furthermore, rainfall patterns have been shifting, with longer droughts, short rainy seasons and occasional flash floods. The adverse impacts of climate change include increased risk of poor yields or even crop failure, and greater incidence of pest and diseases. Source: snv.org. Climate change is al one of the reason which makes people don’t want to going out of home. They just stay at home ordering food or anything they need online. Therefore, any online business is going to grow as their customers are likely to buy their services or products online. Therefore, Digital Marketing Business is growing accordingly.

In conclusion

These 5 reasons will make the Digital Marketing Business in Cambodia grows skyrocketing as consumers are increasingly turning to the internet to buy goods and services, Digital Marketing Business is growing accordingly.

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Digital Marketing Business in Cambodia
Digital Marketing Business in Cambodia


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