What is a Barcode? What are the benefits?

When you buy a product that is packaged in accordance with national and international standards, you will definitely see a blue or black stripe and a white surface with no less than 10 digits on the packaging.

Barcode usage in Cambodia
Barcode usage in Cambodia

The stripe is a barcode system that is highlighted to indicate the origin of any product. By using a machine or barcode scanner for a product, we will know where the product is manufactured and / or packaged, and which enterprise or company is the manufacturer or packaging? In addition, through this barcode system, retailers can enter data of the selling price of the product to facilitate the sale of goods.

This barcode system provides many other benefits, including:

  • Reduce errors and other risks in the production chain
  • Increase management efficiency in the production chain
  • Standardize products
  • Easy to export
  • Easily manage inventory
  • Make company-to-company communication easier and better
  • One standard for production partners
  • Other
What is a Barcode, What are the benefits
What is a Barcode? What are the benefits?

Barcodes are issued by the GS1 Cambodia Association, a subsidiary of the Cambodian Chamber of Commerce. To receive a barcode, you need to apply for registration as a member of the GS1 Cambodia Association. In addition to this application, you are required to attach some necessary documents and information, including a trademark registration certificate, an enterprise registration certificate, the name of the business owner and the identity card of the business owner, etc.


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