What do they eat in Cambodia?

People in Cambodia are most commonly eat either healthy food or fast food. Cambodian food is considered to be healthy and full of nutrients as it consists of rice, organic vegetable, and not too much meat in every side dish. Fast food is the type of food that has high calories than healthy food. People enjoy different types of side dishes as well as Asian food, and western food depend on time and situation.

In Cambodia, people have to eat three meals a day including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Are you wondering of what people in Cambodia eat in a day? Do they only eat fast food and healthy food excluding spicy food? If so, no worries, the lists below will let you know what types of food that people in Cambodia usually enjoy.

Eating in Cambodia
Eating in Cambodia

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What people eat in the morning in Cambodia

For breakfast, every country has their own style of breakfast. In Europe, they would prefer eating toast with fry egg, or omelet with ham or sausages, but in Asia, it would be a little different from western, notably in Cambodia. In Cambodia, every meal has to include at least a bowl of rice. Below are the common breakfasts that people generally enjoy.

  • Rice with pork: People would eat a bowl of rice with pork or chicken also known as Bay Sach Chrouk or Bay Sach Mon as a breakfast. They will enjoy this meal with a bowl of hot soup as it’s additional. Pork is marinated well and grilled over charcoal. This Bay Sach Chrouk is served with pickle radish and cucumber, which is easily to get done. This is one of the most popular types of breakfast, a dish cost for only 5000 riels to 8000 riels ($1.25 to $2). Many locals enjoy this types of breakfast with a cup of coffee.
  • Porridge: this is also one of the common breakfast. This porridge will serve with salted sun dry fish. It’s the best combination ever, and it’s so good. This dish is cost only 2000 riels to 4000 riels ($0.5 to $1). You can prepare this type of side dishes at home by yourself as the process of making this is not complicated. People will sometimes enjoy eating noodle soup as their breakfast too.

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What people eat in the afternoon and evening.

The kinds of food that people eat as lunch or dinner are commonly the same as because when the food is left over from lunch, they will keep and reheat it again, and eat as dinner. Every meal could be soup or stir fried vegetable with meat. Khmer food is made with organic vegetables which add aromatic and spicy flavor to the traditional dishes. Khmer cuisine is well balanced which is not too sweet or too salty. The food that people eat as lunch and dinner are generally made with home-grown vegetables. Below are the common side dishes, which are usually eaten:

  • Stir fried vegetable with meat: people usually eat stir fried food as it’s easy to make, and delicious. Using the fresh vegetable, add a little bit of oyster sauce and stir it well with meat until it’s well cooked, then you can enjoy your meal with a bowl of rice.
  • Mango salad: people will eat this salad with any kind of meat. Making this, you can just use a green mango, and peel off the skin. Then, clean it and thinly slice the mango. After that, mix it with the fish sauce and add more seasoning as well as salt, sugar, at last, it’s done.
  • Besides these, people will prepare another side dishes such sweet and sour soup with fish, Khmer noodle, Cambodian sausages, and many more. You can discover any kind of food you like in Cambodia.

Along with Khmer food, people also enjoy western food or fast food such as burger, sandwich, pizza, meatball, so on and so forth, but not commonly eat. They will also eat spicy food such as papaya salad, and spicy marinated raw crabs. There are plenty of foods that people in Cambodia usually eat not only Khmer cuisine; they sometimes enjoy eating fast food and canned food as well.

What do they eat in Cambodia?
What do they eat in Cambodia?



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