What do people in Cambodia do for fun?

Cambodia is a part of the Indochina, which is also a member of ASEAN. This kingdom of wonder is widely known as the country that has the prodigious historical and scenic beauty. Despite this fascinating culture, Cambodia also offers travelers to see the ancient temples, and visit the historic museums. If you are an adventurer, and you want to do something risky, we also provide you many adventures to do. Cambodian people typically prefer to have a fun trip and fun activities rather than doing something risky. Here are the top things that people in Cambodia consistently do for fun.

1. Cycling

Cycling is the trendy sport in Cambodia. People enjoy bicycling because doing this type of exercises has a big impact on their physical health and mental health. One advantage of cycling is that you get to see many beautiful landscapes and the cool features of many places. People of all ages would prefer this types of exercise as it’s safe and economical.

Cycling in Cambodia
Cycling in Cambodia

2. Diving

Exploring the underwater is one of the best and fun things to do in Cambodia. The fascination of this kingdom of wonder isn’t just defined to what we see on the surface, but also in the vibrant world underneath. Cambodian people regularly dive underwater when they are at the beach where is the diving sites located. When diving, you will be attracted by the marines’ life such as seahorses, whales, starfish, and you will also spot many other beautiful things unexpectedly underwater. The best time for diving in Cambodia is from November to May.

3. Shopping

Shopping is one of the casual activities that Cambodian people do for fun when they are free from their work. Although doing shopping cost a lot of money, but they can get the things they want, and they also upgrade their styles. Shopping is exciting and carefree.  When doing this, people can freshen up their mind because they are only focused on what they desire not on the stressors in their life.

Shopping in Cambodia
Shopping in Cambodia

4. Relaxed at the beach

Cambodia has the most relaxed and laid-back beaches in Southeast Asia. Besides visiting the ancient temples, people are attracted to the sandy, and many beautiful beaches in Sihanoukville, Kep, and Koh Kong, which produce comfort and splendid views for travelers. Beaching is actually fun and relaxed because of the blue charming sea, the endless landscapes, soft sand, rolling wave, and the spectacular sunset, which are really peaceful.

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5. Eating

Eating food is also one the best things that people do. This activity is fun and satisfying. Eating helps the anger, and stress to be released from the brain, and the negative thoughts will also be refreshed from our mind. Eating creates a sensation of good feelings and the positive reinforcement. If you are in a critical moment, and don’t have any ideas of exercising, so choose eating as one of the fun things that you should do. Though people can gain weight from eating food, but it remains helpful.

Eating in Cambodia
Eating in Cambodia

6. Meditation

Many people will think mediation is the activity that is only about relaxation, but this type of activities is quite pleasant and fun too. When people start doing meditation, they have to find the most relaxed place surrounded by greenery along the way. The natural beauty around adds to the entire experience. Doing this is one of the thrilling thing to do in Cambodia, and people will get new experience from meditation.

Meditation in Cambodia
Meditation in Cambodia

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  1. Cambodia is a land of natural and man-made beauty, from the ancient temples of Angkor to the picturesque rice paddies along the Tonle Sap river. But don’t let it’s natural beauty fool you. There are plenty of things to do in Cambodia for the modern traveler. Want to get your adrenaline pumping, but don’t want to climb a mountain? Try wakeboarding. Prefer to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground? Take a cooking class and try out some Cambodian cuisine. Hiking, dancing, cycling, golf, you name it, it’s probably available in Cambodia.

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