What currency do they use in Cambodia?

In Cambodia, what currency is used? This is a fascinating question. They use two currencies, the US Dollar and the Cambodian Riel, which are interchangeable! Does it seem to be difficult? We’re here to assist you.

The Riel is the Cambodian currency; it is the country’s official currency, and it is used to price goods in places like supermarkets. The Riel was first released in 1953 and was officially abolished in 1975 when the Khmer Rouge took control of the region.

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This is something that no other “socialist” nation has accomplished. During this time, money was printed, and the Khmer Rouge also printed their own notes in 1993 to be used in the large swaths of eastern Cambodia still under Pol Pot’s influence. Money was agreed to be restored as the second Riel when the Vietnamese liberated the region, and it has remained in the same format until now. The question of do they use usd in Cambodia?

This is where things get interesting; Cambodia currently has a dual currency structure; with the US dollar and the Riel both being accepted as Cambodian currencies.

Additionally, if you pay in dollars, you will almost certainly obtain some change in Cambodian currency. Consider the scenario where anything costs $1.75 and you give $5. You will get $2 in change and 5000 Riel in Cambodian currency. For example, 4000 Riel equals $1 and 1000 Riel equals 25 cents! There are 500 and even 100 Riel notes for smaller denominations.

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Besides all of this, tipping also the thing that tourists need to understand. Tipping is not customarily anticipated in Cambodia, but in any third-world country, tips can go a long way for those with limited resources. Tipping is not expected in some of the more upscale hotels and restaurants because a ten percent service fee is applied to the bill.

A dollar is usually considered a decent tip for cleaners, moto drivers (only on long trips or full-day rentals), and taxi drivers.

Cambodian Currency - One hundred riels and one thousand riels
Cambodian Currency – One hundred riels and one thousand riels


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