What Can I do at Rattanakiri province?

Ratanakiri is located in the northest of Cambodia and its border the province of Mondulkiri, 636 Km from Phnom Penh. This province is known as “Chun Cheat” (Khmer Marn) and the province that has the most waterfall and forests.

1. Yeak Loam Lake

Yeak Loam Lake is situated 5 km Lake form an almost perfect circle. And though the lake has a small circumference, it’s just shy of 160 feet (about 48 meters) deep. Its shape and depth are due to its volcanic origin. Boeung Yak Loam has picturesque mountainous scenery, a charming bird sanctuary and provides the visitor with an opportunity to experience the daily life of local hill-tribe people.

2. Katieng Waterfall

The visitors can see a beautiful natural landscape and take a break to take pictures of the birds and then continue to the waterfall. It’s the most beautiful waterfall of Ratanakiri and the best scenery for laying yourself or sleep around the corner.

2. Lumphat Wildlife Sanctuary

Lumphat wildlife is one of the most attractive place and visitors come here for exploring and see the special kinds of animals that are present here, like tigers, elephants and red-headed vultures. Beside of animals you can also see kind of the wooden here in the forest.

3. Eisey Patamak Mountain

The Eisey Patamak Mountain, is one of the popular Tourist Attractions in Ratanakiri, The place is one where you can pitch tents and stay overnight. As you cast your eye down to glance at Laos in the north and Vietnam in the east, you can enjoy the mesmerizing tranquility of the adjacent countryside.

4. 7 steps waterfall

7 steps waterfall all the seasons are the best time to visit there because this waterfall is wonderful natural waterfall providing the water even during the dry season. You can also take photos of each step of the waterfall for your memorable experience of your fantastic trip. Moreover, you can enjoy swimming with the cool waterfall from the mountain.

5. Cha Ong waterfall

Cha Ong waterfall on of the forest and waterfall that get its water from Eisey Patamak mountain here you can see bird, enjoy swimming and taking the picture with a widely forest.


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