What can I do at Knorng Psar mountain?

Knorng Psar Mountain is a large forested area located in Tang Bompong Village, Ta Sal Commune, Oral District, and Kampong Spue Province. Recently, Knorng Psar has become a popular place for those who love nature, hiking, trekking, adventure, and especially camping which is trendy amongst Cambodian people.

The way to get to the top of the mountain you have to go to the environment office in the village who can guide you to the top and help protect you as well. Travelling from the village you have to ride Koyun (Local Truck) around 2hrs then walk for another 4-5hrs if you are a moderate trekker level, and make sure you have everything that can use for a temporary vacation of this traveling. If you are struggle to carry your stuff, they have carry service here 1kg is around 5000R (1.5$) the bag in limited to 5kg only. On the top of the mountain doesn’t contain the toilet, so you need to prepare something to use during those vacation that can help you and not disturb other visitors. At Knorng Psa is currently trending on camping tent, taking picture with its beautiful wildly forest and foggy also appear in the morning with full of dew on the grass.

Camping on Knorng Psar is like camping on Aural Mountain, but knorng Psar spend less time than Aural and many visitors every day. About food purchasing, the tour here will cover include to your tour guide, after you go to the office in the village you can ask them more information. After spending your traveling destination around 6 hours, you will arrive on the top and enjoy with your team, eating food, playing guitar if you like music, dancing and taking the picture.

Taking the picture at Knorng Psar is a wish from visitors. People visit Knorng Psar always expect to take the picture with high quality with a wildly jungle and green view seems like you are standing in the paradise. If you are a photograph lover, Yes Knorng Psar is your best choice. Please don’t forget to take the power-bank because here has no electricity.



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