What are the small business opportunities in Cambodia?

Having said that one of the most popular and profitable small business opportunities in most of Cambodia is the Food and Beverage industry. This industry is a need for not only Cambodian but also foreigners who visit the Kingdom. There will have a lot of customers in any area of the country. As we know, food is an everyday requirement for people. However, before you start, you have to be clear with a good location and available market, so it will give you a highly profitable. This article will show and list the potential business that available in Cambodia for you to a fresh start as you wish.

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Restaurant Business in Cambodia
Restaurant Business in Cambodia

As you can see, there are plenty of restaurants located in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap which attract many customers, even locals and foreigners to relax in the place. It should be noted that opening this sort of business required paying attention to every small thing that matter. Simply like the taste of food, environment and most importantly be on time. Additionally, it will be even useful in case you have unique ideas to design your place and food to be better or different from another place.

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Above all, as a restaurant owner, you need to be royal, honest, and thinking about quality rather than profit. Having new loyal customers is the best thing for us because they may recommend our place to other people to come and so on so forth.

Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop Business in Cambodia
Coffee Shop Business in Cambodia

Driving around Phnom Penh city, between two blocks, you will see at least 2 to 3 coffee shops. This kind of business is quite popular for most Cambodia business start-up because its requirements not so much money to invest and somehow gain more profit. As people, right now, love to drink coffee, and for most people, coffee is like their morning routine.

By opening a coffee shop, you need not find big land, what you need just only small land that enough for parking and put the rest of your shop’s stuff. More things, you need to buy a coffee machine or in case you would like to less money on that, it possible for you to buy a second-hand product to use contemporary. This business is almost available for everyone to start, even you had less money.

These businesses indicate above are for people who would like to fresh-start their own business, since it spends not so much money, but experiences. I suggest you work in either of these fields in order to understand more about the process before you start. Experiences are crucial than money because you can spend a little money to start a business, but you might not be successful to spend more money to start with a naïve experience.

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