What are the most asked Interview Questions?

Many of us are frustrating in finding the right answers to the interviewers’ questions because we don’t know what whey are going to ask. So, what are the most asked interview questions we can use to prepare for a job interview?

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  1. Here are some most asked interview questions of all time:

    How would you describe yourself?
    Give us a short overview of your professional background?
    Why do you want to leave your current company?
    How did you hear about our company and this job position?
    Why do you want to work in this industry?
    Is there something that you don’t like about this industry?
    Why should we hire you?
    What can you offer to our company that someone else cannot?
    What motivates you?
    What are your strengths?
    And what are your weaknesses?
    What makes you feel uncomfortable?
    Tell me about an accomplishment that you are proud of.
    What was you biggest professional failure?
    What did you learn out of these experiences?
    How would you handle difficult situations?
    How do you handle pressure?
    Do you have leadership experience?
    What did you learn from this leadership experience?
    Would you describe yourself as a leader or follower? Why?
    What are your hobbies?
    Where do you see yourself in five years?
    How do you feel about working over weekends and holidays?
    What is your salary expectation?
    Do you have any questions?

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