What are the main challenges and opportunities of eCommerce in Cambodia?

April 30th 2021, Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology – CADT organized (90 participants) a Zoom meeting with CEOs of BookMeBus, VTenh, Muuve, Khmum eShop, Nham24, BlOC, and Supper App discussing about the startup, the main challenges, the collaborations, the opportunities of eCommerce and Delivery platforms in Cambodia.

1. The Supply Chain

Most of the CEOs stressed that it seems like eCommerce and Delivery startup businesses in Cambodia haven’t responded to the high demand of the growing population while quality and standard assurance of the eCommerce and Delivery services haven’t done well yet.

The payment gateway is also the complicated thing which is required the companies limit the services and products offering to mainly urban customers rather than the customers who are living in the countryside.

2. The Customers

Customers’ experience and education on using eCommerce and Delivery services are on the rise of improvement reinforcement which make them hard to access the greatest features and benefits of the platforms. The eCommerce and Delivery companies are required to collaboratively working together to educate and learn from the customers to offer the best experience of eCommerce and Delivery platforms they deserve.

3. Data protection

Customers not feel comfortable in giving their personal data, especially using their credit card to process online payment in buying products online. The government and relevant stockholders such as both local and international banks working together to create technology tools to protect consumers data which reinforce their trust on making online payments.

4. The Rivals

If the giant businesses in the field of eCommerce and Delivery enter Cambodia, the local startups are not ready to compete with them yet as they are not strong in term of financial and technical support. The million or billion dollar companies can take over the big market segment if they want to operate in Cambodia. However, the local startups express no worry about this as the international companies not really well understand about the local culture, the people, and the infrastructure in Cambodia, even if they have big fund to operate their business in Cambodia, it might not be successful as the market is small.

5. The Opportunities

The eCommerce and Delivery platforms will be growing substantively in the from now on as the growth of internet user and mobile access plus online payment gateways integrations well connected. In the future, giant tech and other businesses will enter Cambodia, they will look for strong local eCommerce and Delivery players to merge their mission and vision with, then the local startups will be able to expand their business and strengthen their capability to build tech and support the local market even better.

What are the main challenges and opportunities of eCommerce in Cambodia? Cambodia Time
What are the main challenges and opportunities of eCommerce in Cambodia? Cambodia Time


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