What are the living conditions in Cambodia?

The living conditions in Cambodia are not the best in the world, and it’s probably different from the living condition in some other countries like those developed countries. Cambodia has gone through many challenges including civil war, and under colonization. Because of these tragedy events happened, Cambodia might probably develop slower than other countries. Even though Cambodia is the developing country, the living conditions are improving from day by day. Below are the top facts about living conditions in Cambodia:

1. Education system

Education systems in Cambodia might not be the best in the world because they were seriously destroyed by the Khmer Rouge Regime. Schools got serious damaged and teachers were executed and killed. Some wisdom people were prisoned and starved to death during Khmer Rouge Regime. This was a very miserable tragedy that Cambodian people had ever felt and gone through in their life, and it’s an unforgettable event for the whole countries. After the country had rescued, education systems have steadily developed, and backed up. People can go to school to get education and learn foreign languages. The country has built more than a thousand schools for students. The education systems aren’t great at some point, but many Cambodian students have higher education, and can get a chance to study abroad.

2. Health care

Health care systems in Cambodia aren’t also great like neighboring countries, and it’s an issues for government to find the way to make it more and more effective and good, but this has to take ages to achieve. There is a big different between quality and availability of medical resources in provinces and city. Health care systems in city is a lots better than in rural areas. Some people in Cambodia are forced to check up their health in neighboring countries like Thailand or Vietnam, and it takes long hours for them to travel to each countries.

3. Life expectancy

Life expectancy of Cambodian is over 66 years old for men, and over 71 years old for women. In Cambodia, HIV and AIDS are found, which means Cambodia has the highest rate of getting positive in HIV and AIDS than other countries, but not to worry, the government is trying to combat it, educate people, and increase an awareness of how to protect it from spreading.

4. Disability and unavailability of shelter and more

In Cambodia, some areas for both rural and urban are still facing the poor sanitation, hygiene, and inadequate foods to eat. Some don’t even have a proper shelter to live, and money to take care of the family. Some parts in provinces don’t have the toilet, and people are still lack of cleanliness.  Not to mention, some families can’t even find enough money to support the family needed, so children can’t even go to school. Some have to beg on the street to feed themselves and families. Anyway, people are well-educated than before, and acknowledge more about the way of living. The country is developing, and government is also guiding people to stay healthy, and stay hygiene.

What are the living conditions in Cambodia? Cambodia Time
What are the living conditions in Cambodia? Cambodia Time



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