What are the four strategies in industrial policy?

The Royal Government of Cambodia has set out four strategies for the 2015-2025 Industrial Policy, focusing on market orientation and a conducive environment for industrial development.

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  1. In the above industrial policy, the Royal Government of Cambodia has set out four strategies, including:

    Fristly, the reduction of electricity prices and the establishment of supply zones. Electricity to serve agricultural and industrial activities by helping to increase productivity, attract investment and increase business confidence.

    Secondly, the development of infrastructure throughout Cambodia, especially on the three transport routes, which have high priority and necessary for industrial development, connectivity, competition and demand. Of the private sector.

    Thirdly, the establishment of mechanisms to expand the labor market and specialized skills to ensure adequate labor supply and better productivity; and fourth, the transformation. Sihanoukville to become a special economic zone and develop green industry in the future.

    Fourthly, the Royal Government of Cambodia is committed to implementing a number of other important action plans, such as strengthening and expanding national and international roads connecting neighboring countries, and strengthening road transport. Water, increasing and expanding railways, developing seaports and river ports, and reducing logistics costs.

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