What Are the Causes of Traffic Jam in Phnom Penh?

What Are the Causes of Traffic Jam in Phnom Penh?
I think traffic problems in Cambodia cause by 3 main issues: growing environment, People selfishness, and Personal attitude.

1. Growing Environment

At first glance, Phnom penh is a city of motor-bike! In Cambodia kid learn to driveĀ from bike to motor-bike (or Tuk-Tuk) without any driving license or learning any traffic law. The driving habit is quite organic. For example, you can see motor-bike or tuk-tuk is trying to straight forward into any hole they spot! if they see free space or gap in-between they straight into it. This habit growth sometime even when they own a car! As a result they block most of the space so other vehicles cannot pass, thus everyone get stuck in the road.

2. People Selfishness

Lack of knowledge of using public space or walk-way or even the used of road space in front of household, or misuse of public space in front of home. For instant, home or shop owner are occupied ever centimeters of the space in front of their home, most take it even further, park their vehicle on the road, therefore it is created even more obstacle for passenger both drivers and walkers.

3. Personal Attitude

Other main thing is that, the culture of understanding, forgiveness, and respect each other. For instant, sometime, when accident happen, everybody say they are not wrong at all, everybody want to be the absolute right.

All in all, we have to learn and understanding the advantage of following the traffic law which is keep the road free flow, and knowing the disadvantage of violet the traffic law and being selfish on the road which make you stuck on the road.

Source: Veyhong


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