What are the benefits of signing a long-term lease?

Any advice?

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  1. Signing a long-term real estate lease will bring many benefits to the direct tenant, such as saving extra on the value that will increase when the lease is terminated and then you can not find any housing in the same condition for the same price .

    On the other hand, rental costs will remain stable as rents increase by 10 to 15 percent annually in Cambodia, especially in urban and rural areas. Tourist areas, and as new buildings with modern facilities continue to be present on the rental market, rents continue to rise. Signing a long-term contract can also give you the right to negotiate an agreement.

    It should be remembered that most homeowners also want to establish and maintain good relationships with tenants. Long-term leases can build more mutual trust.

    If you keep your lease longer than the time you live in Cambodia, there are foreigners coming to work in this country or many locals are also found a short-term lease. It can give you the opportunity to end the lease payment by making a temporary contract for the short-term tenant, later it has It is important to ask the landlord if this condition is applicable before you enter into a lease.

    Alternatively, the landlord may allow you to transfer the contract to a new tenant, which you can find in case you are unable to terminate the contract. Yes, you should ask if the landlord allows you to transfer this contract to the next tenant who has signed a temporary lease or not?.

    If they agree to these terms, you must inform them that they can review the status of the new tenant in the interim contract before making a decision, accept those tenants.

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